Premium Services

Perfect for your important and urgent freight, our value added premium services are designed to help you beat the queue and get your shipments delivered on time. The services provide fast confirmation and priority uplift on confirmed flights to and from Qatar Airways Cargo online destinations.

What we offer:
QR Gold
  • Faster confirmation on first available flight
  • Priority uplift on confirmed flight
*Terms and Conditions
  • Shipment confirmation is based on priority basis and first available flight.
  • The service excludes delays or misconnections arising from late incoming aircraft, aircraft downgrades, mechanical or technical faults, situations beyond the airline's control (including, but not limited to, act of God, riots, strikes, wars, local disputes, payload restrictions, weather conditions, third party disruptions and defaults or omissions made by the forwarder, consignee or agent)
QR Platinum (This product has been temporarily suspended)
For bookings and enquiries, please contact your local office.
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