Single Process

Due regulatory and operational reasons there are some stations where e-AWB´s cannot be used and paper AWBs have to be used. This was found to be one of the challenges for e-AWB adoption by freight forwarders as they need to determine whether a paper AWB has to be generated, and had to maintain two parallel processes, for e-AWB and paper AWB. In view of QR´s customer friendly approach and for the larger interest of our customers QR offers ´Single Process´ in co-ordination with its ground handler in Doha.
What is ‘single process’?
Under the Single Process, a freight forwarder who has agreed to do e-AWB with QR, always sends electronic data to QR and never delivers paper air waybill (AWB) along with the cargo. The Qatar Aviation Services team in Doha, based on the pre-defined process determines if a paper AWB has to be produced. The Qatar Aviation team prints the paper AWB, with the conditions of contract on the reverse, using the exchanged electronic data and dispatches the shipment with printed AWB on board for destinations which require original AWB´s for clearance of goods.
How it works ?
  • Customers who implement e-AWB with Qatar Airways at any origin can do so without referring to the QRs e-AWB compliant destination list or printing the AWB
  • They would only need to send the accurate FWB messages to Qatar Airways Cargo system.
  • Based on the FWB information sent by customers to the system, Qatar Aviation Service team in Doha will print the AWB (complete neutral AWB set) for the destination clearance purpose, if required.
  • This facility is available for all types of cargo and is applicable for the Doha exports, imports and the transits.
  • Qatar Airways currently accepts FWB/16 and FHL/4 versions of C-IMP messages.

Click here to refer to the IATA document on Single Process
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